Prophecies Tome

What be a half-orc?

What be a half-orc?
Be they beast or man?
Wild or civil?
Accident or planned?
What be a half-orc?
Could ye ever see?
A half-orc’n wizard
Or warlock, like me?
What be a half-orc?
Destined for pain?
Bound for greatness?
Untold glory gained?
What be a half-orc?
Will will soon see.
If the young one from Jaras
Can set us all free.


Ancient tales,
Dragons fled,
Take caution or end up dead.
A defender falls,
It’s task unfilled,
Left to those less skilled.
A band of four,
In pairs of two,
Must meet the past that rises anew.
The world holds legends,
Some that should not be.
Can the demon save us?
We will have to see.


Isn’t that what dwarves do?
Or shall one come who sails oceans blue?
Dig with the might of stone.
Hold aloft your hammer,
Lest you fall alone.
Dig to the light.
Find the one who started your plight.
Dig until your last.
Because little dwarf…
Here comes your past.


The place of a slave is at her master’s side.
Attentive, poised, perfect.
Ears open at all times.
To hear for orders, whims and wants.
To go about her duties without a quip or taunt.
But this little slave ran away.
Disobedient thing with the gall to say,
“I do not belong here, I will be free.”
So off the Teifling went,
Searching for all she could see.

Ask the elves

An argument centuries old,
Which weapon is most bold?
The precise bow,
Or dangerous spells?
Don’t ask me,
Ask the elves.
The elves made many things.
From deadly weapons to diamond rings.
Yet always this inner strife,
Turn to their magic,
Or the archer’s life?
Why not have both?
In one little set.
The best of each parents,
Would make quite a threat.
A child of power,
Of both worlds in one.
Who’s to say,
It hasn’t already been done?


Raid, conquer, kill,
Gather, and breed,
This is the Gruumsh creed.
Bring about destruction everywhere you go,
That is all an orc should know.
Embrace your inner strength,
Stop being what you’re not.
Little half-orc,
A warlock you’re not.


Four souls,
Four unique tales,
Four warriors,
To tip the scales.
An evil is brewing,
Searching for you.
And for what you hold,
That will birth it anew.
The greatest challenge,
Comes after the end.
So travel where
The earth most bends.
Move quickly,
Head my plea.
And remember,
Cirin is key.

Prophecies Tome

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