Dawn Of The Storm

In Which the Climax Approaches

1 & 15 July, 2017

When we last left the party…

They had just emerged from the tunnels under Zaatir’s desert, having survived encountering a previously hidden species of insectoid tunnel-dwellers. Their journey from Dorkarat finally over, the last thing the group expected was to be greeted by a charging horde of orcs and half orcs. Acting swiftly, the party retreats back into the tunnels, waiting until they can no longer hear the shouting of orcish voices before venturing out. Unfortunately the orcs, far from leaving, have used the time given to set up an ambush. Caught by surprise, the party struggles briefly before the orcs let them go. It turns out they were waiting for minotaurs from Dorakarat and hadn’t been expecting other people to use the tunnels.

The orcs jovially lead the party back to Atarth, a city made of orc and half orc encampments. Safphron, as she does, gets the party started and soon the whole city is enjoying drinking and partying the night away. Morning dawns early and most of the citizens of Atarth are still sleeping off last night. Raltar, being fully rested because of his ranger training, wakes early and witnesses the orc Warlord Shog returning with his small hunting party. Shog welcomes Raltar, and offers supplies if the party save Nicholas go through trials to become honorary orcs. Deciding they don’t need the supplies and can’t afford to delay, the party thanks the citizens of Atarth and make haste on their continued journey towards Jaras.

Shortly into the second leg of their journey the group comes across a familiar face, though only Raltar and Nicholas recognize the suave magician. Arturo greets them warmly, engaging in a friendly bit of haggling as a few pieces of merchandise change hands. While Raltar and Safphron chat with Arturo, Nicholas and Doxi attempt to call their familiars, only for Nicholas to realize that Scooter is nowhere to be found. Doxi’s own familiar, an owl, shows up as expected but the young dragon remains a mystery. The Wanderer warns Nicholas that Scooter could have been snatched, or merely broke the connection of his own free will, since he was a sentient being before bonding to the orc warlock.

Off-put by the disappearance of his familiar, Nicholas rejoins the group just as a powerful magical force appears on the horizon. Ansraith approaches, as it appears he and Arturo had planned to meet up. The two powerful mages put their heads together, and with Ansraith’s experience and Arturo’s prowess with teleportation circles, they manage to whisk the party to where the suspected forgotten continent is. Upon arrival the group is glad to know that there is indeed a landmass where they believed it to be. It appears they have teleported into a ruined temple, complete with its own former teleportation circle. Before they can do much more than take stock of their immediate surroundings, however, three fiery sets of armor, reactivated by their intrusion, attack.

The armor, ancient as the once grand temple, is no match for the players and they make short work of the fiery constructs. Moving forward, they journey southwest, only to be ambushed for the second time by a pair of displacer beasts, finally recognizing the creature that Raltar had briefly seen well back in Adra and again when the little girl was murdered. Now much more well equipped for the situation, the group easily dispatches the two beasts, only for Nicholas to hear Doxi shouting about another figure approaching the cart. Upon describing the stranger, Nicholas bursts from the cart and indeed spots Fiiggle the kenku cowering under Doxi’s magical threat. The party interrogate the kenku, who appears terrified, and Fiiggle finally admits that he’s working for a dragonborn. He’ll take them in that direction, but has no desire to get close. He gives Nicholas a large, silvery white dragon scale, similar in color but larger in shape to the scales the party has already collected.

Reluctantly, Fiiggle begins to lead the way to his Master. After a few days of travel the party encounters a seemingly impassable lava lake. Raltar attempts to use the water stored in the bag of holding to create a path, but looses control of the bag and wastes most of the precious liquid. Thanks to Doxi’s quick thinking, however, the little gnome is able to use her ice magic to Ray of Frost a path across the molten lava, while Nicholas flies above and helps take weight off the cart. With only a few missteps the party manages to make it to the other side, and Fiiggle informs them that his Master is nearby. The kenku points them over a small lip, refusing to go any farther. The party looks, seeing what was likely once a great building, either a large home or small castle at some point, now merely a shell with a few of the sturdier walls still standing. In there, according to Fiiggle, they will find Firren Glyndark and the rest of the petrified dinner party guests.

Can the party trust Fiiggle? Is his Master responsible for kidnapping Firren Glyndark and the others? And why did the same displacer beasts follow our adventurers for so long? Why did Fiiggle hand over one of his precious dragon scales? Discover all that and more next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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