Dawn Of The Storm

In Which Nicholas Distributes Fish

11 December, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just escaped an island intent on sapping them of their intellect, leaving Hawthuum and Scooter the worse for wear and Nicholas in possession of Scooter’s intelligence as they continue their journey towards Zaatir. After wrestling with the decision for a short while Nicholas relents and returns Scooter’s intellect to the dragon, to much rejoicing in the now not-so-small familiar. The rest of the journey is uneventful, and the group expects much needed rest in Zaatir once they make landfall.

Unfortunately for them, the city of Dorkarat where they come into port seems to be ablaze. The pier is in ruin and the entire shorefront roars in flame. Acting quickly, the party sprang to action, helping the minotaurian civilization put out the fire. Most of the damage seems centralized on the seafront, and through careful investigation the party discovers it was the work of Blackbear, Hawthuum’s life-long rival. According to witnesses the pirate landed and set the pier alight, pillaging people and livelihoods before making his grand getaway aboard his ship. The tale is only corroborated when the party discovers Blackbear’s symbol amid the rubble of the once great seafront.

Nicholas takes it upon himself to help the minotaurs most affected by the destruction of the pier. Since Zaatir is mostly desert they relied heavily on their fishing to sustain themselves, and Blackbear’s raid has left the food supplies decimated. Nicholas builds a small cart, sending Scooter to fish in order to stock it, and proceeds to distribute the food to the hungry minotaurs. There he also meets Asteron, a minotaurian child who’d been at the pier when Blackbear attacked. Meanwhile the rest of party continues the clean up, working to put things right so that Dorkarat can get back on its feet.

As night settles in on the city of Dorkarat, however, one adventurer can’t keep the raid nor the rage from his mind. Hawthuum decides then and there that Blackbear will not escape him again. Leaving the rest of the party, the seafaring dwarf takes a boat and sails away from Dorkarat and the group, into the unknown seas in search of his foe.

Why did Blackbear attack a seemingly random pier? Do the citizens of Dorkarat have more to fear from the pirates or the strange pseudodragon unchecked in their midst? What will the party’s next move be? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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