Dawn Of The Storm

In Which Nicholas' Dreams Come True

28 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

Nicholas had gone through the teleportation circle in DeMor’s Magicks to Ecrin for some shopping while Hawthuum and Raltar head back to the forest to find Raltar’s mom. Not able to locate her, they leave a message and return to the inn where they meet up with Nicholas, who’s found a Prophecies Tome. Before they can discuss anything, however, Raltar’s mother sneaks in through the window.

Announcing her presence to the group, Raltar’s mother explains that she’s here to bring her son home, revealing to him that his father is in ill health and they need him to return to the forest. Reluctantly, Raltar manages to convince her that his current mission is more important and she gives him a three month window to complete his task and return home before she leaves. With her gone and Vallenese rejoining the group they can finally take a look at the Prophecies Tome that Nicholas found.

Believing the prophecies deciphered, Raltar pushes the group to go to the elven city now instead of later so that they can get that over with. Then they’ll continue their quest. Not long after they enter the forest they’re surrounded by elves, though thankfully Raltar takes charge and instead of attacking potential intruders the elves take them to Edron and to Raltar’s father Rathal. A gnome named Barry greets them in the main lobby and leads them upstairs to where Raltar’s father is in a meeting. He dismisses everyone except Nicholas, who is disguised as an elf, and Raltar.

For the next few hours Raltar and Nicholas are stuck in political debates during which Raltar’s journal is taken and magically memorized and copied. Meanwhile Hawthuum and Vallenese look around the capital building. Hawthuum finds floor 88, the recreation floor, and spends the next few hours there. At the end of the meeting, Raltar’s father dispels Nicholas’ illusion and bares the half-orc’s true nature for all to see. Surprisingly, he tells Raltar that he could learn from studying Nicholas’ magic, and once it’s only the three of them in the room they start to discuss all that Raltar has been through.

The moment Azoth’s name is mentioned, Rathal leads the way quickly to a magical work space and puts Raltar in some sort of contraption that forces upon him a vision of a skeletal Azoth who warns him heavily to not trust dragons. Emerging from the vision, Raltar tries to convince Nicholas that Scooter is evil. Nicholas doesn’t put much faith into the thought and dismisses it, and the two turn their attention back to Rathal’s insistence that Raltar must stay. Rathal takes Raltar aside so that only he can hear and informs him that the power that runs through their bloodline fuels the protection of the forest. If Raltar isn’t there to inherit the power when Rathal dies then the forest will die too.

Raltar almost immediately informs the party of this, but not before insisting that Scooter be put elsewhere. Nicholas hands him off to Barry and the gnome leaves to take care of him. Rathal gives Raltar some space to think and the party takes roughly a week to recuperate and figure out what their next move needs to be. Hawthuum and Vallenese learn how to use the vine system to rappel down from the tree canopies from Raltar and it’s learned that Nicholas is afraid of heights. Raltar actually takes the time to learn magical applications from his father, specifically how to enchant his bow. Hawthuum prays daily to Njord for a sign of his new god. Vallenese trains and tries to get dirt on Raltar from the elf’s childhood friend and crush Lillian. Last but not least, Nicholas spends his week training until he receives a letter from the Wizarding College saying that he’s got a private lunch with the Headmistress when they arrive on Wednesday.

In order to deal with his nervous energy, Nicholas helps Vallenese orchestrate a set up with Lillian and Raltar. They manage to get the pair on a bridge that was a scene from their childhood, and were it not for Lillian making the first move and kissing Raltar, the male elf might have never picked up on the situation. After that, Raltar reveals his own secret, which contains a set of new robes for Nicholas that match the half-orc’s magical aura.

The next day dawns with the arrival of the Wizarding College in a cleared space in the center of the city. Nicholas wakes early and heard over, only to find Barry who’s dug out his old work robes from when he used to be secretary at the Wizarding College. Barry leads him on a tour and brings him to the library, where Nicholas meets the blind tiefling Halrog. After spending some time chatting with Halrog, the half-orc is escorted to Headmistress Anya’s office where an orcish dish is waiting for them. She reveals to him that not only does she have an offer of a full ride to her school, but she plans to start a scholarship in his name specifically for monstrous races interested in magic. During their conversation, Nicholas brings up Scooter to ask her for advice, and when she asks to see him Nicholas’ attempts at finding the pseudo-dragon return with pained noises.

A scramble ensues where Nicholas, Barry, and Anya use their combined telepathic might to locate Scooter, who got buried alive when the Wizarding College teleported on top of him. Anya brings both of them to Grattus’ office. The wilden warlock stands to greet his newest advisee, and they get Nicholas settled on a couple of classes for him to take while he adventures. That done, the half-orc leaves, satisfied with an amazing day.

How much of his day will Nicholas share with the others? Is Scooter evil? And what is that slight musical tone in the air? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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