Dawn Of The Storm

In Which Curiosity Dooms Doxi

4 June, 2017

When we last left the party…

Their journey to Zaatir had come to an end and they’d begun to help the people of Dorkarat rebuild after Black Bear ravaged the city. With construction underway for the new pier and the party’s fish stand distributing provisions, the group starts to wonder exactly how they’re going to reach their final destination now that Hawthuum has run off with their boat. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the city, a scholarly gnome enters, weary from the desert and her travels. Doxi the gnome makes her way through the city, seeing here and there the signs of devestation. However it’s not until she reaches the shorefront that she truly appreciates just how much was lost in the raid.

It’s also here that she first spies the rest of the party. Nicholas, buried in paperwork as always, is a bit off to the side while Safphron and Raltar work at the fish cart. Roughly at this moment Scooter decides to grace the group with his presence, causing quite a bewildered reaction in the gnomish newcomer. Intrigued, Doxi approaches the party with the intent to investigate. Safphron and Raltar attempt to convince her that Scooter is a normal pseudodragon, despite his less than pseduodragon qualities, but alas to no avail. Finally conceding that there’s not much they can say, they give Doxi an ultimatum that either she becomes their traveling companion or they ensure that she cannot tell anyone about Scooter.

Choosing what she assumes is the lesser of two evils, Doxi agrees to join them on their quest. They then turn their attention seriously to heading south, going to talk to the mayor of Dorkarat about the best course of action. He suggests they head to Jaras, since that’s the next closest city with any significant sea travel. Unfortunately, as Nicholas knows, Jaras is all the way across the continent. Thankfully there are tunnels that connect Dorkarat to Atarth, halfway to Jaras, that would save them the suffering of travel in the desert. The minotaurs gather what resources they can spare to bequeath to the party in thanks for all their help and start to send them on their way.

Before they go however Raltar wants to attempt to open trade between Dorkarat and the elven cities. Surprised by this gesture from an elf, the minotaurs warily accept the paperwork provided, but the mayor insists that they must wait for a decision from the council on whether or not the trade will be in their best interests. Raltar accepts and informs that he will send a contingent of elves later to hear the city’s decision. Their business in Dorkarat concluded, the group gathers by the entrance to the tunnels and a minotaur begins to lead them, using a combustible powder to light their path as the group descends into the unknown darkness.

What awaits our adventurers within the desert tunnels? Will the minotaurs respond well to Raltar’s diplomatic envoy? How does Nicholas feel about traveling to a city of orcs? Discover this and more next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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