Dawn Of The Storm

In Which The Party Fights the System

23 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just reached Adra and spent the day shopping for supplies in preparation for their journey across the southern ocean. While there they discovered that the locals have been having issues with the lighthouse in that it’s been deactivated for some time now. Baffled as to why the government hasn’t acted, the group decides to go to the lighthouse and sort out the problem themselves.

Upon reaching the lighthouse, however, they discover the door to be locked. Not wanting to damage it, they debate on how best to get it open for a minute, before deciding to try coming in from above. Raltar shoots an arrow with a rope on it up there, and Hawthuum jumps nearly to the railing with the aid of his boots. Together the dwarf and the elf scale the lighthouse and land on the observation deck while Nicholas and Safphron stay below. Hawthuum and Raltar discover that the light part of the lighthouse itself doesn’t seem damaged, despite not being active. They also discover a trapdoor and start trying to get it open.

Meanwhile on the ground Nicholas and Safphron get tired of waiting for the other two and Nicholas blasts the door off its hinge. Treading carefully, they head inside only to be attacked by phantasmal spiders and demons. Hawthuum and Raltar finally get the trapdoor opened and find enemies of their own to fight on the second floor. Both halves of the party make their way towards one another, decimating any foes in their way until none remain. Unfortunately one of the displacer beasts escapes and rather than attempt a fruitless chase they settle for exploring the lighthouse.

In their exploration the party discovers a goblin bound and gagged in one of the lower level closets. Untying him, the goblin nervously reveals that his name is Rixold and he’s been secretly maintaining the lighthouse for most of his life so that he can make his big brother proud. As far as the demons go, he has no idea why or how they came to be in the building. The party agrees to stay and help clean up, and Safphron and Raltar go to the town hall to try and get some answers.

Once there Safphron demands to see justice done and all but comes to blows with Aslyn, the mayor, over how she’s running the city. Aslyn claims she’s sent multiple parties to attempt and see what was wrong with the lighthouse, and while she thanks the group for clearing it out and assures them an investigation will take place, she also demands that the goblin has to go. Raltar uses his position as king and the opportunity for trade to try and sway her, with minor success. Not able to stand her close-mindedness, the two adventurers return to Rixold and Raltar offers him a job as Barry’s secretary. Rixold hesitantly accepts, and a party of elves arrive from the kingdom to take him as a group of guards led by Stu from Adra arrive to assist the clean up effort. Nicholas, fed up, leaves the rest of the party to clean and goes off to get drunk.

How can a secretary have a secretary? Why are goblins banned in Adra? Will the party slaughter Stu the captain of the guard for being such an asshole? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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