Dawn Of The Storm

In Which Scooter Breathes Fire

21 April, 2016

When we last left the party…

Nicholas had spent most of the day studying the DeMor Magicks teleportation circle and the party had slain a band of what appeared to be cultists. Meanwhile Raltar had shaken off his hangover and joined back up with the rest of the group after the battle and Nicholas and Hawthuum recounted the events of the previous day to him, after which everyone headed to bed.

In the middle of the night Raltar is awoken by the sounds of scratching, and he looks into the hallway to see Fiiggle scratching at the walls of the Inn. Panicked, Raltar awakens Nicholas and Hawthuum, the latter of which begins to champion putting Fiiggle out of his misery. Fortunately for the kenku, Nicholas and Raltar outvote him and Hawthuum is dragged along as the other two encourage Fiiggle to lead him to wherever it is he needs to go. Fiiggle leads the three of them into an alleyway inside town and only stops when faced with a solid brick wall.

After a bit of poking around by the group, they discover a loose brick concealing a hidden hole in the brickwork. Inside lies a leather pouch, and upon opening it they discover four scales. The popular theory is that they’re dragon scales, despite none of the part having seen dragon scales before. They continue to follow Fiiggle, now in a new direction, until it becomes clear that Fiiggle truly has no idea where he’s going.

Out of ideas and tired from being woken up in the middle of the night, the three of them make the decision to have Nicholas invade Fiiggle’s mind once more. The kenku writhes in pain as the half-orc explores the deepest parts of his brain, accompanied by Scooter. There, they return to the ominous mountain and Nicholas sends Scooter into the lava pouring out of the entrance so that they can get eyes inside. While there, Scooter discovers some old bones and a mosaic made from the same icy blue scales that the party found earlier etched into the roof in an abstract pattern.

Upon touching the scales, they start to fall from the roof, leaving a shape not unlike Scooter’s own except larger and without wings. Using the pseudo-dragon as a proxy, Nicholas discovers that parts of the cave are flammable and has the tiny dragon scoop up some lava in his mouth so that he can try and ignite it. A massive burst of flame comes from the tiny reptile, and writing along the sides of the cavern light up, along with flaming wings atop what can only be a dragon mosaic.

Meanwhile, Hawthuum and Raltar get into yet another argument, and words turn to blows as the elf and dwarf ready their weapons. Raltar, with his superior range, emerges victorious and when Nicholas returns from exploring Fiiggle’s mind he’s met with the sight of Raltar holding a heavily damaged Hawthuum in his arms. Understandably, Nicholas isn’t pleased and once he gets Hawthuum conscious he and Raltar engage in combat. Hawthuum, not wanting Raltar to win again, heals Nicholas part way through the battle and the whole thing is called off because of the dwarf’s interference.

Tired, the three of them head back to the inn and return to sleep, letting Fiiggle go where he may. The next dawn sees Hawthuum and Nicholas outside preparing for a duel, which ends in a draw when one of Nicholas’ illusions causes Hawthuum to believe that his friend is in dire peril. During the subsequent breakfast Nicholas remembers to tell Raltar about the elf that they met in the forest and shares with him the mental snapshots from that encounter. Raltar, recognizing the elven woman as his mother, freaks out.

Knowing that his mother is nearby and probably knows about him, Raltar waits until Nicholas leaves for his errands in Ecrin before grabbing Hawthuum and taking the dwarf with him to his home forest. There, they encounter a male elf scout, who informs them that there’s a bounty on Raltar’s head and that his father and old military unit have started doing some questionable things in the forest. Leaving a message that hopefully only his mother could understand, Raltar and Hawthuum return to the inn.

Nicholas, having gone to DeMor’s Magicks again to use their teleportation circle, spends his day in Ecrin doing some shopping. He makes a quick donation to the temple of Njord both on both his and Hawthuum’s behalf, then checks the Glyndark Mansion to see it well and truly destroyed from the fire that Raltar and Vallenese left. Without Firren Glyndark, reconstruction hasn’t even begun on the mansion. The half-orc then travels to Tabia’s home and leaves a message with Vallin informing Tabia of what’s been happening, along with a message for Tazmera to thank her for Raltar’s new quiver.

All that done, he heads to the largest center of knowledge he can find and discovers a small tome of prophecies that seem to be related and, more worryingly, seem to pertain to the party. Thankfully he meets no trouble returning to Meclor and Nicholas quickly fills in the other three about the prophecies. Before they can really take a look at them though, Raltar notices the slightest of sounds and turns to see his mother gracefully entering through the window.

What will Raltar’s mother do now that she’s found her son? Are the prophecies that Nicholas found really about the four party members? Could there be a living dragon out there communicating with Fiiggle? Things are only getting more interesting on Dawn of the Storm!



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