Once, millennia ago, Navora was known as the land of dragons. So great was their power that the other developing races struggled for any kind of foothold. Lifetimes of struggle and fear and distrust came to a head when suddenly, the dragons vanished. With their powerhouses gone, the expansive dragonborn population found themselves defenseless as the other races rose up at the prospect of better things.

Unprepared and outnumbered, the dragonborn empire fell and the remaining dragonborn fled to the hidden, uninhabitable regions of Navora. With both dragons and dragonborn gone, the other peoples of Navora turned their attentions to one another. War raged as the “major” races – humans, elves, and dwarves – fought for their desired place at the top of the world.The less prevalent, “monstrous”, races like drow and tieflings quietly laid claim to their own less-desirable parts of the world.

In the end, a group of mixed-breed halflings, half elves, and gnomes gathered to stop the “major” races from devolving back into war. An uneasy peace settled and the people worked to save their ravaged land. Life moved on, and nowadays the dragons and their kind live only in legend.

At least, that’s what the Council wants people to think.

There have been whispers throughout the dark alleys of cities and towns, disillusioned citizens questioning why exactly should they fear that which doesn’t even exist? Could it be that the Council knows something that others don’t? Or are the whispers underground the real problem? Either way, there’s something brewing and it won’t be long before the

Dawn Of The Storm

Dawn Of The Storm

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