Dawn Of The Storm

In Which The Party Visits Dumb Island
20 November, 2016

When we last left the party…

Raltar, Safphron, and Hawthuum had just defeated Scooter and overcome the siren’s mind control, following the familiar’s directions to find Nicholas. In a ship graveyard they finally come across their half-orc companion, who seems to have been through an adventure all his own. But time is short, and the party has to leave quickly before the schooling figures under the surface of the water get brave enough to surface. Hawthuum keeps a thunder wave at the ready and they make it back onto their own ship.

The next morning sees all four adventurers bright eyed and busy tailed. Of course that doesn’t mean that something hasn’t gone wrong, and quickly the four of them notice not only is the sky the wrong color, but they’re all seeing different colors. Nicholas postulates this must be some sort of mass illusion conjured by a powerful source, and having experience with illusions before the party manages to work through until they’re all at least seeing the same thing once again. Unfortunately the rest of the crew still needs to be convinced, and Cabin Boy takes the longest because he was happily in the middle of eating a carrot before realizing there was no carrot to eat.

That settled, Safphron joins Cabin Boy in the galley to cook while they others head above decks. Suddenly the boat comes to a screeching halt, and looking over the side reveals that massive vines have caught the vessel in their grasp. Nicholas, following the trail of magic, discovers that Raltar in an attempt to explore his magical abilities, has unwittingly unleashed a very strong ensnaring strike upon them all. Raltar quickly banishes the vines, and the group resumes their voyage.

Hawthuum and Raltar decide to mediate for awhile, and each of them have different visions. Hawthuum sees Blackbear, still up to his nasty tricks, and still loose on the high seas. Raltar on the other hand sees his kingdom as a forest fire breaks out, just to be extinguished by the same dragon they’ve been seeing more and more of as their time moves on. Meanwhile, Safphron comes up from below with cookies as the dwarf and elf are trying to make sense of their visions. Nicholas receives a scroll from his school, letting him know that he’s passed his term paper, and Raltar descends below to cook their full meal.

Nicholas, ecstatic about passing, has Safphron make him a strong celebratory drink and gets rather intoxicated. While in that state he rambles about hard light, hard dark, and hard twilight, while complaining about Arthurix – a rival student. Raltar dutifully takes notes, and Nicholas passes out after not too long. A little while later the crew spots land, which wakes Nicholas. Using detect magic on the island to discern if there’s any magical danger there, Nicholas discovers that Raltar and Hawthuum both have the wrong magical auras; gold and pink instead of green and blue, respectfully. After freaking out for a little bit they manage to get past the second illusion just as they make landfall.

Stepping onto the island, immediately the four of them feel less intelligent. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that the island is somehow sapping their intelligence, and they beat a hasty retreat. Thankfully only Hawthuum and Scooter got hit super hard by the enchantment, and Nicholas is able to collect and redistribute the party’s information mentally. He keeps Scooter’s intelligence for the moment, struggling with his thirst to know and wanting to give his familiar back his brains. Raltar, meanwhile, makes a call to Barry and Lillian trying to see what the fire and dragon was about. While they acknowledge the fire, neither of them recall seeing a dragon in the area. With more questions than answers, the party hopes that their landing in Zaatir isn’t too far off.

Will Nicholas keep Scooter’s knowledge for himself? Why didn’t anyone in Edron spot a dragon putting out the fire? And is Blackbear closing in? Only time will tell on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which The Part Sets Sail
30 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had rid Adra’s lighthouse of demons and discovered the goblin Rixold who’d been the lighthouse’s caretaker for the last number of years. They also discovered just how hateful of goblins Adra is, and Safphon went on a nearly one-woman social justice spree against the mayor and her guard. Nicholas had gone off to a bar to get hammered so he didn’t have to worry about things like racism for five minutes while the rest of the party cleaned up the lighthouse and got it in working order again, begrudgingly working alongside the guards. The staircase safety rail was given special consideration and renovations on the lighthouse to make it overall more worker-friendly began.

Hesitantly certain that the city would actually make good on their promises to renovate the lighthouse, the group fetches Nicholas and returns to Hawthuum’s ship, where they leave the half orc to rest and return to shore to track down Silio so they can head out to sea. They eventually find him in a bar attempting to swindle some other customers. Tensions finally boil over and a bar fight breaks out, with the party in the middle. Through a convoluted method of swinging on chandeliers and Hawthuum setting off a fog cloud, they manage to escape with a more or less intact Silio.

They return to the docks and quickly get underway. Soon enough Hawthuum is in his element and the party is well on their way to crossing the southern waters. With not much to do since the ship is already crewed, Raltar, Safphron, and Nicholas go about their own interests. Raltar and Safphron spend some time brewing while Nicholas locks himself in his room to finish a number of his term papers. While chatting, Raltar and Safphron start to speculate on the identity of the dragon, who they now believe is hiding among other non-dragon races.

Both of them come to a conclusion that the dragon must be posing as a powerful sorcerer and keeping tabs on them, which narrows it down to Arturo the shopkeeping mogul. They take their theory to Hawthuum, and remember that Nicholas has armor with Arturo’s brand on it. Like excited schoolchildren they try to get Nicholas to come out and theorize with them, but he just shoves his armor out the door and closes it again in an attempt for some peace and quiet. Hawthuum tries and fails to dispel the magic on the armor, and the group dejectedly gives up.

Later that night the three of them are awoken by a strange song on the night air. Using Raltar’s knowledge of natural creatures and Hawthuum’s experience with the sea they determine the answer is sirens and take precautionary measures to stuff their ears. Searching out the crew to protect them, they discover that Cabin Boy, who’s true name is Bartholomew, has some interesting sock puppets and Silio can sleep through anything. When they attempt to find Nicholas, the other three discover that he’s disappeared. But before they can act on that information Scooter, who they forgot about, starts beaming the song into their minds. Frantically they try to subdue Nicholas’ familiar and finally manage it. A remorseful Scooter leads them to a ship graveyard where they’re attacked by multiple hags before turning to see Nicholas standing in the doorway of a half sunken ship.

What was Nicholas doing on that ship? When did Scooter become strong enough to pose a credible threat to the party? Is Arturo the silver dragon? Tune in next week for answers on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which The Party Fights the System
23 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just reached Adra and spent the day shopping for supplies in preparation for their journey across the southern ocean. While there they discovered that the locals have been having issues with the lighthouse in that it’s been deactivated for some time now. Baffled as to why the government hasn’t acted, the group decides to go to the lighthouse and sort out the problem themselves.

Upon reaching the lighthouse, however, they discover the door to be locked. Not wanting to damage it, they debate on how best to get it open for a minute, before deciding to try coming in from above. Raltar shoots an arrow with a rope on it up there, and Hawthuum jumps nearly to the railing with the aid of his boots. Together the dwarf and the elf scale the lighthouse and land on the observation deck while Nicholas and Safphron stay below. Hawthuum and Raltar discover that the light part of the lighthouse itself doesn’t seem damaged, despite not being active. They also discover a trapdoor and start trying to get it open.

Meanwhile on the ground Nicholas and Safphron get tired of waiting for the other two and Nicholas blasts the door off its hinge. Treading carefully, they head inside only to be attacked by phantasmal spiders and demons. Hawthuum and Raltar finally get the trapdoor opened and find enemies of their own to fight on the second floor. Both halves of the party make their way towards one another, decimating any foes in their way until none remain. Unfortunately one of the displacer beasts escapes and rather than attempt a fruitless chase they settle for exploring the lighthouse.

In their exploration the party discovers a goblin bound and gagged in one of the lower level closets. Untying him, the goblin nervously reveals that his name is Rixold and he’s been secretly maintaining the lighthouse for most of his life so that he can make his big brother proud. As far as the demons go, he has no idea why or how they came to be in the building. The party agrees to stay and help clean up, and Safphron and Raltar go to the town hall to try and get some answers.

Once there Safphron demands to see justice done and all but comes to blows with Aslyn, the mayor, over how she’s running the city. Aslyn claims she’s sent multiple parties to attempt and see what was wrong with the lighthouse, and while she thanks the group for clearing it out and assures them an investigation will take place, she also demands that the goblin has to go. Raltar uses his position as king and the opportunity for trade to try and sway her, with minor success. Not able to stand her close-mindedness, the two adventurers return to Rixold and Raltar offers him a job as Barry’s secretary. Rixold hesitantly accepts, and a party of elves arrive from the kingdom to take him as a group of guards led by Stu from Adra arrive to assist the clean up effort. Nicholas, fed up, leaves the rest of the party to clean and goes off to get drunk.

How can a secretary have a secretary? Why are goblins banned in Adra? Will the party slaughter Stu the captain of the guard for being such an asshole? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which There's A Full Moon
16 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just rescued Hawthuum and Safphron from a mind-twisting enchantment and discovered an underground lake before retreating to take rest in a safer part of the cavern. With the false dragon defeated and still no end to the harrowing experience in sight, the group tries not to think about the eventuality that perhaps there is no escape to this particular cavern. After a significant rest during which Raltar stood guard they group moves out again, heading for the only path they know of that they have not yet traveled.

Rounding the corner, they see two minotaurs standing in front of two passage ways. One path leads to certain doom, the other to freedom. The party is allowed to ask a single minotaur a single question. Putting their heads together they uncover the answer and escape the twisting tunnels of the dragon’s lair. Emerging into the sunlight the group discovers that they are on the edge of the forest, well outside the kingdom they began in, and make their way to the port city of Adra. Unfortunately night is fast approaching since they lost track of time underground, and before reaching the city they are forced to rest for the night.

The party settles down for the night, with Raltar taking watch. As the full moon rises Safphron feels an unpleasantly familiar sensation. Fearing for her friends, the half elf flees the camp as she changes. Raltar spots her leaving in the darkness and wakes the rest of the group, who give chase. As they catch up they realize their friend has become a hulking, bestial tiger. And she looks hungry. Hawthuum, at Nicholas’ behest, attempts to remove the weretiger curse, to no avail. Raltar, ever the ranger, takes it upon himself to try and tame Safphron’s tiger form.

A number of pieces of meat later, Safphron’s tiger form no longer looks ready to rip the whole party apart, and before too long the night passes. The group confronts her gently, and she reveals that this is an ongoing condition that she doesn’t know how to handle and didn’t want them to find out about. Thankfully the boys don’t press too hard, and Raltar even assures Safphron that he’s made friends with her tiger side. They continue to Adra, finally reaching the city. Hawthuum leads the way to his ship where they meet the three man crew. There’s Griggan, the first mate; Silio, the crook navigator; and Cabin Boy.

Settling their things in the ship, the group heads into town to restock and get ready for the long voyage. They buy a number of supplies, including cloaks for each of them, and Hawthuum purchases boots that allow him to jump an extraordinary distance. Their errands done, they head back to the ship and mentally prepping themselves for the journey ahead.

What will the journey have in store for our heroes? Do the cloaks make them look dashing? Why is the lighthouse dark? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which We Play Dungeons and Dragons
9 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

Nicholas and Safphron had explored the length of a mural on the cave walls and discovered what appeared to be a nesting chamber. Meanwhile Raltar and Hawthuum aggravated the seeming entirety of the the cavern’s occupants, fighting to their last before being saved by the arrival of the rest of the party. Regrouping, the party decides to take a short rest and consider their options before moving forward.

Once rested and less close to death, Raltar spends some of his time skinning the owl bear and preparing it to become a cloak for one of the party while the others discuss their next course of action. Nicholas and Safphron decide to take the others back to the nesting area, wanting to show their friends just what they found. Raltar and Hawthuum, excited by the coins scattered about, try to gather them only to discover they belong to a civilization unrecognized by any of the party members. Raltar especially feels saddened by this and when the rest of the group decides to continue deeper he proclaims that he wants to go back to where he and Hawthuum fought the mushroom people.

After talking it out Raltar instead goes with the group, and the next set of rooms they encounter contains what appears to be a study connected to a pantry of sorts. On the desk is a book, which Nicholas discovered is magic through his detect magic spell. A brief argument ensues about whether or not they should touch the book, only ended when Raltar does in fact touch the tome and it rises into the air. Behind them the passage out seals closed with a silvery mist, and the book charges them with answering five riddles, one each and then one as a group.

For the most part the riddles go smoothly, until Hawthuum’s leaves the entire group stunned. The dwarf nearly dies twice attempting various answers, but eventually they figure it out and manage to escape the room. Arguing about whether to go on or try to take a long rest, the party holes up in the study for a quick long rest before continuing deeper into the twisting passages. Emerging into the next room Hawthuum and Raltar spot something gold on the other side and start moving towards it quickly, only to prompt Safphron and Nicholas to follow.

As they hit the center of the room there’s a roar from behind them, and an angry silver dragon blocks their only escape route. After sending Scooter failed to yield pleasant results, the party retreats to the treasure horde room and trap the dragon with a variety of magical spells while Raltar helps whittle it down through his bow. Part way through the fight pseudo dragons appear and attack Nicholas, only to easily be dispatched by the party. As the silver dragon falls, Nicholas is the only one to see it dissipate into nothing, and the spells clear to reveal an empty room. Leaving Nicholas to freak out about what that means, the others loot the horde and come away much richer and powered up. Scooter, after being re-summoned, tries to figure out why the bodies littered about of his own kind won’t wake.

Continuing their escape attempt, the party reaches the last room in this direction, only for Hawthuum and Safphron to fall victim to an enchantment that muddles and twists their senses. Hawthuum dispels magic and the three of them manage to snap Safphron out of her enchanted state. Again exhausted, they retreat for another rest in a safer part of the caverns.

Will the party ever find their way out of this so-called escape tunnel? Where did that silver dragon come from? Who put all these traps and monsters down here? Find out next week on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which There's A and B Teams
2 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They’d just found both Barry and Lillian in life-threatening situations and managed to get their friends back to the palace healers before retiring for the night after a good long soak in the hot tub. Knowing Lillian won’t be able to go through with the wedding ceremony for a day at least, they assume they’ll have some time to figure out what their next move is after Raltar is wed and free to leave the forest.

Sadly for them, Barry seems to have other ideas. The gnome wakes Raltar in the midst of the night and half convinces, half begs the sleepy king to get married that day regardless. Lillian is strong, she’ll survive. Raltar agrees and the dawn brings with it an incredible breakfast feast, or breakfeast, to commemorate the royal wedding. The party members are given brief pamphlets describing the wedding events, and then a corrected pamphlet with only breakfeast and the actual ceremony on it.

The moment breakfeast ends Raltar, Nicholas, and Hawthuum are rushed to get their formalwear on and to the alter, where Lillian’s presumed bridesmaids are already waiting for her. Nicholas, a bit confused as to why the alter looks like just a large tree root, detects magic on it only to see what may very well be one of the hearts of the forest. A hush falls over the crowd, and Lillian enters. She wears no gown, only a snow white ranger uniform, custom made and immaculately clean but still fully functional for combat should the need arise. A half cape covers her injured arm from the public, but despite her injuries she walks to the alter slowly and of her own accord. Barry accompanies her down the aisle, but the small gnome wouldn’t be able to support her weight if he tried.

With Lillian and Raltar finally at the alter, Barry officiates the ceremony and the two are wed. Hawthuum tests the cake for poison, finding none, and the wedding breaks up into the congratulatory reception. During this time Barry takes Raltar aside and tells him to gather his friends. With he rest of the party in tow Raltar follows Barry to what the gnome explains is a secret way out of the palace. They have a job to do and it won’t get done here. Now that Lillian is officially of Raltar’s kin, she can protect the forest in his absence and he is free to leave.

At long last, the party descends into a cavernous tunnel system made almost entirely out of the thick roots of the trees of the elven city. They discover a room filled with mostly old forgotten materials and knick knacks, one of which is a scroll written in another language that Nicholas manages to decode for the party. Shortly after they nearly stumble into a section of the hallway cordoned off by various symbols etched into the cracked pieces of the path. Raltar and Safphron make their way across by simply climbing along the ceiling, while Hawthuum uses magic to traverse safely. Nicholas, curious as ever and recognizing the same language from the scroll, decides to attempt and solve it.

Leaving Nicholas to his puzzle, Raltar and Safphron go a bit farther into the tunnel, discovering branching paths and a large, intricate mural. Between Raltar and Nicholas they use the mural and Nicholas’ waning spell to determine the safe way across, spelling out ‘Bareznth’. Nicholas, fascinated, continues to inspect the mural while Hawthuum and Raltar discover a room with a springy, loamy floor. They enjoy their bouncing while Safphron and Nicholas continue exploring down the mural. The pair eventually come to a chamber filled with blankets and moss and other nesting material, coins and scales scattered admit the softer objects. They beat a hasty retreat back to the mural proper.

Hawthuum and Raltar, meanwhile, have grown board of their little game and take a different path through the tunnel. They incur the wrath of a black, oozing blob, an bear-sized creature with the face of an owl, and a slithering, skeletal serpent. After dispatching those they continue into another room, this time threatening and engaging in combat with six mushroom-like creatures. Nearly defeated, they survive only as Safphron and Nicholas rejoin the fight, and the party regroups by the seemingly safe mural to discuss their next move.

What other dangers lie in the escape tunnel? How did Barry even know the tunnel existed? Could the clues be right under the adventurer’s very noses? Find out next week on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which The Party Are Good Finders
25 September, 2016

When we last left the party…

They’d just been reunited after a three month absence from one another and their quest. Unfortunately Vallenese did not return and instead Nicholas befriended a half-elven fighter named Safphron Saberine. They and Hawthuum meet up with Raltar, now king of elven kind, to celebrate his wedding. The festivities are interrupted by a murder and the party investigates the scene of the crime, only for another killing to happen right under their noses. With all the commotion, the bride to be and the best gnome secretary are lost, and the party scrambles to find them.

Having given his guards the slip Raltar rushes in search of Lillian without backup while the rest of the party continues trying to discover what exactly happened. Still investigating the crime scene, Nicholas’ talents allow them to find magic on the body, which is quickly dispelled. This dispelling brings them to a troubling discovery; the murdered father of the little girl who was killed is not an elf. He is, in fact, human posing as elf, which means his daughter would have been half-elf. With this new information they began to theorize that perhaps whoever or whatever is causing the killings is doing so out of spite for non-elven races, in which case the number of potential targets just narrowed on the party.

Off on his own Raltar discovers Lillian half dead and missing her arm by following the shattered remains of her once great bow. He calls for backup and they manage to get Lillian to the healer in time for her to be saved. After a brief sharing of information amid the party they agree that for the night they’ve done all they can, and Barry will have to wait. In the dark of the night Raltar, finding sleep evasive, goes to speak with Nicholas only to see a shadowy figure hovering over him. Raltar rouses the party and the specter-like creature flees, leaving Nicholas none the wiser save for his friend’s word.

Awake, they resume the hunt for Barry. Nicholas goes to speak with Vana again about the creature that they saw the other day, and between berating him she lets slip that it was indeed her laundry that comprised the makeshift golem, though she certainly wasn’t the one to create such a mess. Armed with that information Nicholas uses his magical prowess to try and figure out where the golem’s maker might be. Hawthuum, meanwhile, leading a platoon of guards manages to find a small bag of what appear to be scales similar to the ones that the party found in Meclor.

Shortly after the two of them manage to also find Barry, half buried and freezing to the touch. Barry is taken home and given over to the healers, and the party settles down in their hot tub to try and destress. The wedding must be postponed until Lillian is well enough to undergo the ceremony anyway, so Raltar has a little more time as a bachelor.

What tore off Lillian’s arm? Why did Barry create a clothing golem? Will Raltar and Lillian ever manage to get married? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which Safphron Has A Panic Attack
18 September, 2016

When we last left the party…

All four of them had gone their separate ways. Nicholas and Vallenese headed back to Zaatir, resulting in the former landing in prison and the latter scattering to the winds. Raltar returned to Edron to study the necessary lessons of ruling the elves. Hawthuum remained in Adra, working his way towards purchasing a boat for the entire group to take south.

After three months in prison Nicholas manages to be released under extensive restrictions, namely that he must perform community service and good behavior. He charts a course on the first boat he can find heading to Ocera, where he meets a half elf named Safphron Saberine who is also traveling to Ocera to taste some of the unique liquor flavors there to bring back to her family brewery. The two of them bond over the voyage, since they’re the only two of three passengers not rendered completely indisposed by seasickness and the crew is much too busy sailing the ship.

When they make landfall Nicholas quickly finds Hawthuum, as the dwarf saw their ship coming into port and came to meet them. The two quickly catch up and Nicholas introduces Hawthuum to Safphron. The dwarf excitedly informs Nicholas that he managed to buy a boat and hire a small crew of three to run them southward.

While they’re talking Hawthuum notices a messenger with a carriage and an image of Nicholas in Raltar’s drawing style. The group demands an explanation, and the messenger reveals that he’s been sent to pick up the three of them from the port and bring them to Raltar’s wedding.

Amazed that Raltar is both now the king and getting married, the group climbs into the carriage and head towards the elven capitol. On the way Nicholas summons Scooter for the first time since the pseudodragon was forced into his pocket dimension due to the warlock’s imprisonment. Safphron, understandably, goes into a panic attack and a very upset Scooter abandons the carriage to get some flight time.

By the time they reach Edron Nicholas and Hawthuum have managed to calm down Safphron. A massive party greets them, complete with Raltar and Lillian swinging down on vines. They catch up amid the fanfare and Raltar gives them a tour of the new clubhouse, also informing a surprised Nicholas that he’s the best man for the wedding.

Later, as Nicholas is giving his best man pre-wedding speech, a farmer brings his murdered daughter through the crowd and a silence falls over the festivities. He demands Raltar do something about his murdered child, and the party follows him back to his house to investigate the scene of the crime while the guard gets the common folks inside. On the way Raltar insults the farmer who takes the body inside without letting the group properly examine it and leaving them just with the crime scene.

After investigating the scene they determine that Scooter was likely the culprit, prompting Nicholas to embark on a desperate search for evidence to the contrary while he’s placed under constant surveillance. The others split to try and gather more information from the town, and Nicholas comes to the realization that the magical aura left on the body that he managed to glance couldn’t have been Scooters despite it looking identical because Scooter doesn’t leave an aura when he bites things. The group quickly returns to the house, only to find apparently no one home.

Proceeding with caution, they enter the house with the captain of the guard and head upstairs upon hearing a snarling noise. Unfortunately Nicholas, Hawthuum, and Safphron aren’t very quiet and the source of the noise flees, leaving the disemboweled body of the farmer from scarcely an hour ago. The captain insists on Raltar being taken back to safety, and the other three party members inspect the remains of the body and the house. Once back to his clubhouse, Ralter realizes that Lillian hasn’t been heard from since the attacks began, and goes to find her after shaking his guards. This prompts a city-wide alert, and the other three party members receive second-hand that “the king is missing”.

Where has Lillian disappeared to? What is slaughtering the people of Edron? Will Raltar’s first royal event end in nothing but royal disaster? Find out next week on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which The Party Splits
Summer 2016

When we last left the party…

Raltar had just had a fight with his father and proposed to Lillian while Nicholas, Hawthuum, and Vallenese watched. Now, with Lillian encouraging the party to go and the party unsure of whether or not it’ll be worse off for them if they force Raltar to leave the forest, come to an impasse.

Acting quickly, the party flees from the city immediately and makes their way to the port city of Adra where they come to a halt, trying to determine what to do. Their goal lies to the south, but to get there they’re going to need a boat and supplies. During the journey Nicholas finally decides to take Scooter as a familiar, strengthening the bond between the two of them and reinforcing Nicholas’ telepathic abilities.

While trying to figure out their next move, Raltar decides that he may as well bite the bullet about the seemingly inevitable outcome of him becoming king, figuring that he should learn from his father and be there when the king dies from the malady affecting him. Since the rest of the party has little reason or desire to return, they decide to temporarily part ways.

With Raltar gone and not wanting to embark on the next stage of their quest without him, Nicholas and Vallenese decide to head back to their home in Zaatir to take care of some personal business. Vallenese wants to learn more about where she came from and why she was taken and Nicholas turns himself in for the unintentional manslaughter of his former professor, receiving a prison sentence.

Now left all alone in Adra, Hawthuum puts himself to work on the pier. He slowly but surely begins to work himself up the ladder, setting his sights on a boat in hopefully the near future. Thankfully Edron isn’t too far away and Hawthuum and Raltar maintain connections throughout the interim.

With the party scattered to the winds, how will the malicious forces at work continue to sweep through the world? Will the party have to break Nicholas out of prison? How long before Raltar is finally free of his father’s shadow? Find out next time on on Dawn of the Storm!

In Which Raltar Puts His Foot Down
5 May, 2016

When we last left the party…

Nicholas, Raltar, and Hawthuum had been teleported across the sea by Kobe, the magical bird, where they met another group of adventurers. In that group they encountered their first dragon born and learned that his name was Kavar. After learning all they could from Kavar about dragon born and helping the others destroy a strange, demonic bone creature, they used the teleportation circle in DeMor’s Magicks to return to Meclor and from there returned to Edron.

Once back in Edron Raltar tracked down Headmistress Anya and attempted to convince her to let him join the Wizard College. She rebutted that Raltar had already declined his acceptance once into the school and they wouldn’t do him any special favors by sending him to the top of the list. Determined, Raltar pressed her for anything she could do and she finally agreed to reenact an old school tradition: a potentially lethal entrance exam. Thanking her, Raltar went to find Nicholas and together they go into the library in search of any information on this exam. There, they meet an invisible cat and dig out yet another prophecy, this one in Deep Speech, that they can’t decipher. Admitting defeat they return to the others.

Raltar finds Vallenese and Hawthuum and Lillian and they all go out to a party while Nicholas heads into his room to meditate and try to see if the eldritch horror in his head knows anything about Deep Speech. After creating a visitation center and having a thoroughly unhelpful conversation the half-orc heads to the Wizard College to chat with Grattus, his advisor, about how he might be able to deal with what the source of his power wants. Grattus suggests that Nicholas could potentially break the pact, sealing himself off from arcane study, give in to the pact, or try to come to peace with it and create a symbiotic relationship with the pact.

Needing more time to figure it out, Nicholas thanks Grattus for his help and heads back to find the others. Lillian and Raltar are carrying a completely plastered Hawthuum back to his bedroom, Vallenese in tow. After getting the dwarf into bed Lillian says her goodbyes and Vallenese heads upstairs to go to sleep. Nicholas and Raltar have a brief chat about magic and Raltar lets Nicholas know that he doesn’t want to get into the Wizard College anymore, and the two of them head to bed.

The next morning dawns but unfortunately for Hawthuum, he can’t see it. Upon coming to wake the dwarf, Ratlar sees that his eyes match Nicholas’ magical aura and runs for the half-orc. Nicholas takes Vallenese and together the three of them try to figure out what’s going on in Hawthuum’s mind. Raltar, feeling left out, heads upstairs to floor 88 and vents to Lillian about how his friends are always abandoning him. After finishing up with Hawthuum, Vallenese and Nicholas head upstairs and hear the tail end of the conversation. The group manages to clear the air, though some tensions are still a bit high.

Not wanting to get involved in that, Hawthuum goes to find some other clerics and asks them about how they connect with their gods so that he can better understand how to connect with Njord. After getting some advice he leaves only to find Vallenese, who’s on her way to buy a puppy. While they’re gone Nicholas and Raltar head into Nicholas’ mind to see if Raltar can get any more information out of the eldritch horror than Nicholas could, and unfortunately it’s just as unhelpful as the first time.

Once Raltar realizes the horror is trying to bargain with him he warns Nicholas, who drags him out and stays to meditate for a bit longer. Raltar meets up with Vallenese and Hawthuum, and is discouraged to learn that they bought a puppy that he feels he’ll have to train. Over the next few days he helps Vallenese train her new dog Jax while at the same time trying to help Hawthuum train Scooter. They manage to make a harness for the pseudodragon, but he’s definitely not happy about it, and even Lillian pitches in to try and get Scooter to a more agreeable place.

Having been working on and off with his father the past few days, Raltar starts telling him about Lillian and how they’re sort of dating? His father, in no uncertain terms, tells Raltar that he can’t marry Lillian since he’s already engaged as part of a marriage that Raltar’s parents set up when Raltar was very young. Furious, Raltar leaves and gathers Vallenese, Hawthuum, and Lillian, and together they confront his father. An intense argument follows, one that shakes the very walls of both the building and Raltar’s already fragile relationship with his father.

Finally, Raltar’s father decides enough is enough and leaves. Raltar, pumped full of adrenaline and still feeling brave, kisses Lillian, then quickly takes a step back and apologizes when he realizes what he’s done. She kisses him again, and Raltar proposes to her. Upon accepting, Lillian agrees that they should probably wait until Raltar is done saving the world and encourages the group to leave that night before Raltar’s father can really do anything about it.

Will Raltar be able to leave the city? Can Nicholas create a symbiotic relationship with the eldritch horror in his mind? Is Scooter even trainable? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!


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