Dawn Of The Storm

In Which We Play Dungeons and Dragons

9 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

Nicholas and Safphron had explored the length of a mural on the cave walls and discovered what appeared to be a nesting chamber. Meanwhile Raltar and Hawthuum aggravated the seeming entirety of the the cavern’s occupants, fighting to their last before being saved by the arrival of the rest of the party. Regrouping, the party decides to take a short rest and consider their options before moving forward.

Once rested and less close to death, Raltar spends some of his time skinning the owl bear and preparing it to become a cloak for one of the party while the others discuss their next course of action. Nicholas and Safphron decide to take the others back to the nesting area, wanting to show their friends just what they found. Raltar and Hawthuum, excited by the coins scattered about, try to gather them only to discover they belong to a civilization unrecognized by any of the party members. Raltar especially feels saddened by this and when the rest of the group decides to continue deeper he proclaims that he wants to go back to where he and Hawthuum fought the mushroom people.

After talking it out Raltar instead goes with the group, and the next set of rooms they encounter contains what appears to be a study connected to a pantry of sorts. On the desk is a book, which Nicholas discovered is magic through his detect magic spell. A brief argument ensues about whether or not they should touch the book, only ended when Raltar does in fact touch the tome and it rises into the air. Behind them the passage out seals closed with a silvery mist, and the book charges them with answering five riddles, one each and then one as a group.

For the most part the riddles go smoothly, until Hawthuum’s leaves the entire group stunned. The dwarf nearly dies twice attempting various answers, but eventually they figure it out and manage to escape the room. Arguing about whether to go on or try to take a long rest, the party holes up in the study for a quick long rest before continuing deeper into the twisting passages. Emerging into the next room Hawthuum and Raltar spot something gold on the other side and start moving towards it quickly, only to prompt Safphron and Nicholas to follow.

As they hit the center of the room there’s a roar from behind them, and an angry silver dragon blocks their only escape route. After sending Scooter failed to yield pleasant results, the party retreats to the treasure horde room and trap the dragon with a variety of magical spells while Raltar helps whittle it down through his bow. Part way through the fight pseudo dragons appear and attack Nicholas, only to easily be dispatched by the party. As the silver dragon falls, Nicholas is the only one to see it dissipate into nothing, and the spells clear to reveal an empty room. Leaving Nicholas to freak out about what that means, the others loot the horde and come away much richer and powered up. Scooter, after being re-summoned, tries to figure out why the bodies littered about of his own kind won’t wake.

Continuing their escape attempt, the party reaches the last room in this direction, only for Hawthuum and Safphron to fall victim to an enchantment that muddles and twists their senses. Hawthuum dispels magic and the three of them manage to snap Safphron out of her enchanted state. Again exhausted, they retreat for another rest in a safer part of the caverns.

Will the party ever find their way out of this so-called escape tunnel? Where did that silver dragon come from? Who put all these traps and monsters down here? Find out next week on Dawn of the Storm!



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