Dawn Of The Storm

In Which The Party Are Good Finders

25 September, 2016

When we last left the party…

They’d just been reunited after a three month absence from one another and their quest. Unfortunately Vallenese did not return and instead Nicholas befriended a half-elven fighter named Safphron Saberine. They and Hawthuum meet up with Raltar, now king of elven kind, to celebrate his wedding. The festivities are interrupted by a murder and the party investigates the scene of the crime, only for another killing to happen right under their noses. With all the commotion, the bride to be and the best gnome secretary are lost, and the party scrambles to find them.

Having given his guards the slip Raltar rushes in search of Lillian without backup while the rest of the party continues trying to discover what exactly happened. Still investigating the crime scene, Nicholas’ talents allow them to find magic on the body, which is quickly dispelled. This dispelling brings them to a troubling discovery; the murdered father of the little girl who was killed is not an elf. He is, in fact, human posing as elf, which means his daughter would have been half-elf. With this new information they began to theorize that perhaps whoever or whatever is causing the killings is doing so out of spite for non-elven races, in which case the number of potential targets just narrowed on the party.

Off on his own Raltar discovers Lillian half dead and missing her arm by following the shattered remains of her once great bow. He calls for backup and they manage to get Lillian to the healer in time for her to be saved. After a brief sharing of information amid the party they agree that for the night they’ve done all they can, and Barry will have to wait. In the dark of the night Raltar, finding sleep evasive, goes to speak with Nicholas only to see a shadowy figure hovering over him. Raltar rouses the party and the specter-like creature flees, leaving Nicholas none the wiser save for his friend’s word.

Awake, they resume the hunt for Barry. Nicholas goes to speak with Vana again about the creature that they saw the other day, and between berating him she lets slip that it was indeed her laundry that comprised the makeshift golem, though she certainly wasn’t the one to create such a mess. Armed with that information Nicholas uses his magical prowess to try and figure out where the golem’s maker might be. Hawthuum, meanwhile, leading a platoon of guards manages to find a small bag of what appear to be scales similar to the ones that the party found in Meclor.

Shortly after the two of them manage to also find Barry, half buried and freezing to the touch. Barry is taken home and given over to the healers, and the party settles down in their hot tub to try and destress. The wedding must be postponed until Lillian is well enough to undergo the ceremony anyway, so Raltar has a little more time as a bachelor.

What tore off Lillian’s arm? Why did Barry create a clothing golem? Will Raltar and Lillian ever manage to get married? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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