Dawn Of The Storm

In Which The Part Sets Sail

30 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had rid Adra’s lighthouse of demons and discovered the goblin Rixold who’d been the lighthouse’s caretaker for the last number of years. They also discovered just how hateful of goblins Adra is, and Safphon went on a nearly one-woman social justice spree against the mayor and her guard. Nicholas had gone off to a bar to get hammered so he didn’t have to worry about things like racism for five minutes while the rest of the party cleaned up the lighthouse and got it in working order again, begrudgingly working alongside the guards. The staircase safety rail was given special consideration and renovations on the lighthouse to make it overall more worker-friendly began.

Hesitantly certain that the city would actually make good on their promises to renovate the lighthouse, the group fetches Nicholas and returns to Hawthuum’s ship, where they leave the half orc to rest and return to shore to track down Silio so they can head out to sea. They eventually find him in a bar attempting to swindle some other customers. Tensions finally boil over and a bar fight breaks out, with the party in the middle. Through a convoluted method of swinging on chandeliers and Hawthuum setting off a fog cloud, they manage to escape with a more or less intact Silio.

They return to the docks and quickly get underway. Soon enough Hawthuum is in his element and the party is well on their way to crossing the southern waters. With not much to do since the ship is already crewed, Raltar, Safphron, and Nicholas go about their own interests. Raltar and Safphron spend some time brewing while Nicholas locks himself in his room to finish a number of his term papers. While chatting, Raltar and Safphron start to speculate on the identity of the dragon, who they now believe is hiding among other non-dragon races.

Both of them come to a conclusion that the dragon must be posing as a powerful sorcerer and keeping tabs on them, which narrows it down to Arturo the shopkeeping mogul. They take their theory to Hawthuum, and remember that Nicholas has armor with Arturo’s brand on it. Like excited schoolchildren they try to get Nicholas to come out and theorize with them, but he just shoves his armor out the door and closes it again in an attempt for some peace and quiet. Hawthuum tries and fails to dispel the magic on the armor, and the group dejectedly gives up.

Later that night the three of them are awoken by a strange song on the night air. Using Raltar’s knowledge of natural creatures and Hawthuum’s experience with the sea they determine the answer is sirens and take precautionary measures to stuff their ears. Searching out the crew to protect them, they discover that Cabin Boy, who’s true name is Bartholomew, has some interesting sock puppets and Silio can sleep through anything. When they attempt to find Nicholas, the other three discover that he’s disappeared. But before they can act on that information Scooter, who they forgot about, starts beaming the song into their minds. Frantically they try to subdue Nicholas’ familiar and finally manage it. A remorseful Scooter leads them to a ship graveyard where they’re attacked by multiple hags before turning to see Nicholas standing in the doorway of a half sunken ship.

What was Nicholas doing on that ship? When did Scooter become strong enough to pose a credible threat to the party? Is Arturo the silver dragon? Tune in next week for answers on Dawn of the Storm!



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