Dawn Of The Storm

In Which There's A Full Moon

16 October, 2016

When we last left the party…

They had just rescued Hawthuum and Safphron from a mind-twisting enchantment and discovered an underground lake before retreating to take rest in a safer part of the cavern. With the false dragon defeated and still no end to the harrowing experience in sight, the group tries not to think about the eventuality that perhaps there is no escape to this particular cavern. After a significant rest during which Raltar stood guard they group moves out again, heading for the only path they know of that they have not yet traveled.

Rounding the corner, they see two minotaurs standing in front of two passage ways. One path leads to certain doom, the other to freedom. The party is allowed to ask a single minotaur a single question. Putting their heads together they uncover the answer and escape the twisting tunnels of the dragon’s lair. Emerging into the sunlight the group discovers that they are on the edge of the forest, well outside the kingdom they began in, and make their way to the port city of Adra. Unfortunately night is fast approaching since they lost track of time underground, and before reaching the city they are forced to rest for the night.

The party settles down for the night, with Raltar taking watch. As the full moon rises Safphron feels an unpleasantly familiar sensation. Fearing for her friends, the half elf flees the camp as she changes. Raltar spots her leaving in the darkness and wakes the rest of the group, who give chase. As they catch up they realize their friend has become a hulking, bestial tiger. And she looks hungry. Hawthuum, at Nicholas’ behest, attempts to remove the weretiger curse, to no avail. Raltar, ever the ranger, takes it upon himself to try and tame Safphron’s tiger form.

A number of pieces of meat later, Safphron’s tiger form no longer looks ready to rip the whole party apart, and before too long the night passes. The group confronts her gently, and she reveals that this is an ongoing condition that she doesn’t know how to handle and didn’t want them to find out about. Thankfully the boys don’t press too hard, and Raltar even assures Safphron that he’s made friends with her tiger side. They continue to Adra, finally reaching the city. Hawthuum leads the way to his ship where they meet the three man crew. There’s Griggan, the first mate; Silio, the crook navigator; and Cabin Boy.

Settling their things in the ship, the group heads into town to restock and get ready for the long voyage. They buy a number of supplies, including cloaks for each of them, and Hawthuum purchases boots that allow him to jump an extraordinary distance. Their errands done, they head back to the ship and mentally prepping themselves for the journey ahead.

What will the journey have in store for our heroes? Do the cloaks make them look dashing? Why is the lighthouse dark? Find out next time on Dawn of the Storm!



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